XRDP from Mac

Xrdp is an open source remote desktop protocol (RDP) server that allows you to use Remote Desktop Connection (RDP), and connect via rdesktop, freerdp, or remote desktop clients to your Linux Server from a Windows machine. Xrdp presents an X window desktop GUI to the user.

Connecting To Your Linux  (Step by Step)

1) Before beginning, you will need to install the Microsoft Remote Desktop Application from Apple’s App Store.  Once installed, open the application and Click on the + symbol to add a new connection.  Here we are adding a connection for linux-4.ece.iastate.edu.  Please be sure to add the proper port (3389 in the example below) to get connected.




When done, save your connection by closing the dialog, using the red button in the upper left corner.




2.)  Double click the connection for linux-4 and the following dialog may appear on your system:


Click on continue.


3.)  The following dialog will appear and ask you to authenticate to linux-4.  Use your net-id and password to do this.


Please note that you must use the ISU VPN service to connect from off campus.