VDI provides a virtual Windows 10 or Linux desktop with the same software as in our physical computer labs. VDI works on- or off-campus (with VPN) and can be used from almost all of your computing devices.

Download the client for Windows and Mac

Install the client with all the defaults.

If you are off campus you will need to connect to the VPN.
1. Navigate to the ITS VPN How-To and follow the instructions.
2. Launch the VMware View Client
3. Enter https://vdi.iastate.edu for the View Connection Server
4. Enter your IASTATE NetID and password
5. Select ‘Engineering Student’
When you are finished using the VDI session you can exit via several methods:
1. Start Menu > Logoff
2. Start Menu > Shut Down
3. Quit the VMware View Client
All sessions are automatically destroyed after 2 hours of inactivity or logoff/shutdown.
If you don’t see ‘Engineering Student vDesk’ once inside the VMware View client, chances are you’re not an Engineering student. Only registered Engineering students have access to this resource. If you are an Engineering student and still don’t’ see it, fill out a support request form and somebody will be in touch to help.
All VDI sessions are destroyed and rebuilt at logoff/shutdown or after 2 hours of inactivity. To avoid lost files, only save things to your personal folders. The U: drive IS personal space and your work can be saved in a folder there.