As an engineering student, there is a variety of software that is available for you to download. The college of engineering provides software available for download for students currently enrolled as engineering majors or currently taking an engineering class. You can find the software portfolio on the Engineering IT portal or here.

If you would like software installed on a University owned computer please submit a support request.

Additionally, Iowa State has a large selection of software available to students, faculty, and staff and is available on the ITS website.

Useful Free Software Downloads

Putty – a free windows SSH client Putty is useful for remotely connecting to UNIX machines.

WinSCP – a free windows SCP client WinSCP is useful for transferring files from UNIX machines.

GhostView and GhostScript – free PDF and PS conversion utilities.

MikTex – a LaTeX distribution for Windows.

CutePDF – a free PDF creation utility for Windows.