Printing Answers

Can I share my print quota with someone else for a project?

No, you cannot share your quota to someone else.

How do I print in an engineering lab?

Each engineering lab is equipped with one or more printers that are connected to your account during the logon process.
To view printers available to you on a Microsoft Windows computer, click the Start icon and type “Print”.
To print from an application, simply go to File->Print.

How much can I print?

Every semester students are allotted a quota for printing. Engineering majors receive a 4000 unit quota. A black and white laser printer consumes 5 units per printed side of paper, a color laster printer consumes 15 units per printed side, and plotters consume a varying amount equal to the size of the paper (see postings near the plotter for more information).

How can I tell how much I’ve printed?

During the logon process a small window is displayed that shows the remaining quota available. To see your history of printing, click the link at the bottom of the window. Alternatively, you may visit the following website from anywhere to view your print quota and history:

What if I run out of quota?

After using up your initial 4000 units, additional printing costs will be charged directly to your U-Bill, and your PaperCut balance will appear as negative. Printing charges that appear on your U-bill require a $1 minimum. However, the maximum amount that can be charged past the initial 4000 units is 5000 units ($50) per semester.

Contact the Solution Center with questions about your PaperCut balance.

I didn’t use my quota, so how can I get the money?

The quota is not money, nor is it an allocation. In reality, the quota is a limit to prevent users from abusing the system. Printing is a privilege that requires users to exercise responsibility.

How do I print from a laptop?

Printing to some Engineering computer lab printers from student laptops is available. Please see the following sections for information on how to add an Engineering computer lab printer to your laptop.

Identify the Desired Printer

  1. Click start and in the run command windows type \\   Then press enter
  2. When prompted, log in using your ISU user name (NetID) and password.  Note: enter your username as iastate\netid
  3. Click on the link for the desired printer.  The correct print driver should automatically be installed.
  • Print jobs submitted via IPP count towards your print quota. To view your print quota log into the ISU PaperCut website.
  • If your print job was submitted but didn’t print and is not in the queue, your print job was likely denied by the print quota system. To check the status of your print job, log into the ISU PaperCut website and then click on the “Recent Print Jobs” link.