If you are experiencing long logins (greater than 30 seconds), or you are experiencing other atypical issues with your account, such as applications failing only for you, error messages,etc., a profile reset might resolve these issues. A profile reset will not delete any of your data files. You will lose certain configurations for software, backgrounds, etc., but these are easily replaceable. To request a reset of your Windows profile please submit a Support Request.
If the computer belongs to the University or Department of Computer and Electrical Engineering it can be looked at by ETG. ETG does not work on any personal computers or equipment. ITS has a computer repair shop in the basement of Durham.
Option 1: (Easiest)
The easiest way to change your password is to login to a windows machine, hit Control+Alt+Delete, and then select 'change password'. Remember this will change both your UNIX and Windows passwords. Sometimes it can take a couple minutes for the changes to take effect.
You can also change your password from Linux machines by using the 'kpasswd' command. On Sun machines, type 'kinit' followed by 'kpasswd'.
Option 2:
You can also change your password by visiting this website. Follow these steps to reset your Net-ID password. If you forget your password and have not set up a Password Reset Challenge phrase or provided a cell phone number for a text based password reset, you will need to contact the Solution Center. 1. Open a web browser and go to asw.iastate.edu and log into Account Services.
2. Click on "Manage Net-ID".
3. Click "Change your Password".
4. Enter your current password in the Current Password box, and your new password in the New Password box.
5. Enter the new password in the New Password Again box and click the "Change Password" button when it appears.
6. After submitting your new password, set a Password Reset Challenge phrase or a Cell Phone Number for a text-based password reset. If you forget your password, these options will enable you to reset your password without calling for help.
7. When are finished changing your password, click the "Logout" button to exit the system.
Google Cloud Print is a service that allows you to print from your phone, tablet, or laptop. This service allows users to print from clients such as Google Chrome, email, and Google Drive. Please visit the Google Cloud Print page for more information.
Through ETG you can submit requests for equipment checkout, administrator privileges, website, VM, wiki, system rebuild, or general support.
To submit a request, please visit our service request homepage.
All email and related services are provided by ITS. For more information, please visit their homepage.
Core computing and network services at Iowa State University are provided by Information Technology Services (ITS).
To learn about printing, please visit our page on printing.
As an engineering student, there is a variety of software that is available for you to download. The college of engineering provides software available for download for students currently enrolled as engineering majors or currently taking an engineering class. For more information, please visit the software page.
You will have access to your files for a limited time after you graduate. The best thing to do is to make a copy of all of your data before graduating.
If you leave an item in one of the computer labs, please visit 2215 Coover Hall or Iowa State University lost and found page.
Be sure to write your name on calculators and other items of value so they can be easily identified if lost.
All students are given home directory storage that is frequently referred to as MyFiles or U: Drive. Student home directories have a space quota of 10GB. More information and questions specific to home directories can be found on the ITS Website.
For information on how to connect to your home directory, please visit the ITS Website.
For instructions on how to connect to your home directory from off campus, please visit the ITS Website.
Over 50 computer labs exist in the College of Engineering. Most labs are scheduled for classes through the week, but when not scheduled are open for walk-in use. The schedule for each lab is available through the ITS Labs Database and posted both at the door and inside the lab. Access to all computing labs in the college is restricted. Only those students who are enrolled in the College of Engineering (or taking classes in the college) and the faculty and staff in the college are allowed to logon to the computers.
If you plan on using Linux at Iowa State, one thing that will greatly improve your experience is to change your default shell. To do this:
1. Log in to ASW
2. Select 'Manage User username'
3. Select 'Set your login shell'
4. Select '/bin/bash' and click 'Update Shell'.